Easy Slap Bass Lessons is a series of step-by-step slap bass videos for download

Hello, my name is George Urbaszek. You may already know me from my online bass course "Bass Lessons Online" at creativebasslessons.com or from my many free You Tube bass lesson videos, some of which are free slap bass lessons.

Due to the popularity of my bass lessons in general (and the fact that many thousands of bass players enjoy my teaching style and concepts) I have recorded an ENTIRE SERIES OF SLAP BASS VIDEO LESSONS. Not only that, but the slap bass video series is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. As a matter of fact, this is possibly the most affordable course of step-by-step slap bass video lessons ever!

You pay only $39.95 USD for your entire 12-part slap bass video series comprising 2 hours and 57 minutes of tutorials!

Here is a free sample of beginner to intermediate slap bass techniques from the Slap Bass Series.

If you want to download a higher quality version of this slap bass video compilation, please click this link Download Slap Bass Video HERE

Learn Slap Bass Easily

With The Slap Bass Series you get via EasySlapBassLessons.com (this website) you will learn how to play slap and pop bass and apply concepts and techniques used by bass players such as Flea, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Les Claypool ... the list goes on.

Not only will you learn slap bass, but you will also learn how to create your very own very funky bass riffs. (Not all slap bass is funky, but when you follow my method your bass playing will become funkified.)

My step-by-step teaching method leaves "no stone unturned". The Slap Bass Video Series contains slow motion segments and concise explanations that demonstrate exactly what is needed to make you comfortable with your own slap bass playing.

Here are a couple of comments:

"George's videos make you feel like you're one on one with an instructor, a very nice and talented one at that. He has a superb understanding and simple methods to convey mechanics, rhythm basics and intermediate concepts to bass geeks like me who have previously struggled to grasp these concepts. I made my way through the basic lectures quickly, learned how to change my bad habits, and now am able to have fun with the intermediate videos. These really are great!"

(Above was an unsolicted endorsement, no free gifts, no future promises)
Wayne, 6 March 2011

OK, without further ado, all you need to do is click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to pay just $39.95 for your immediately downloadable 12-part video Slap Bass Series.

Thank you - enjoy your results! George Urbaszek

Please note: The Slap Bass Series comes in a zip file of 2.16GB. Allow ample time for your download (depends on your connection speed).

It is highly recommended to turn off your security settings to enable a successful download. Because of the large file size it is not recommended to attempt a download via a mobile phone.

IMPORTANT: After your payment via PayPal, you will get a re-direct to a web page with your download link. In addition, a download email will be sent to your PayPal address.
If you do not receive your download email from Creative Avenues soon after your payment, please check your SPAM folder.

Do not purchase this product if you are on dial-up (as your download will not be successful).


"Also, thank you for your great bass lessons and the quality of your videos. They are the best I've found so far and I'm making fast progress. Best Regards"
Christophe, a 45 y.o. beginner to bass from Paris.
18 April 2010

"I'm a retired teacher and understand your step by step process in learning to play the Bass. Good job."
Jean Bass, somewhere in the USA,
3 June 2010

"The value is excellent. The lessons cost less than local training, and I wouldn't know how to find a good teacher locally. Most people who give music lessons are doing it because they can't make a living playing, but you seem to have an actual passion for teaching."
Neil Hopper,
29 July 2010

"I'm glad to have you as a bass mentor"
Tony Knight,
25 October 2010

"On a scale of 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being great, I rate these lessons 10 out of 10 just for the simple reason that in a few short weeks, I have gone from a guy who plays bass to a bass player (in my mind and in the minds of my friends and even a few guys at the music store lol).
Thanks again, George!! I look forward to more of your lessons!!"

Chris Galeckas, 27
A more frigid Ontario, Canada,
29 October 2010

"I wish you all the continued success you deserve as you are obviously a person who teaches not just for money but for the love of bass playing/music. I would recommend your courses to people interested in bass playing and learning about music any time. Thank you. Best of Bass, George. "
Ken Gammon

"I have enjoyed all of the lessons. You are a great teacher. I like the way you break everything down so simple, and in the videos, I like the way you move around to show all the angles. You have made learning the bass so much fun. Thank-you very much."
Cindy Sullivan

"Years ago (I'm 36 now) I was a drummer. I began taking drum lessons from a teacher who emphasized immediate fulfillment over proper technique. The result was that I began to be able to play some simple things very quickly but as I advanced, my lack of proper technique began to limit my ability to advance. When I switched to a more advanced teacher he basically told me that I had to start over with some of the basics in order to advance. Because of this experience with drums, I completely understand why you emphasize the basics, even if they may initially seem unimportant or boring."
Chad Haarer


"I like when you create alternate rhythms or use alternate notes to change an original exercise. It creates a new challenge for me to overcome, and inspires my brain to come up with alternate patterns as well."
Sara Heitman

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